EFPA document on Ethics of Research

12 Febbraio 2019 EFPA, internazionalizzazione,
To the President of AIP - Italy
The Board of Ethics of EFPA took the work of developing a document about  ETHICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSIDERATIONS WHEN RESEARCH HAS THE POTENTIAL TO DO HARM: A POSITION PAPER. The document was adopted by the EC, and is an official document of EFPA, that will be disseminated.
This document was possible due to your inquiry about the position on the discussion on the use of human subjects in experiments in exhaust emission (German car companies, but the problem is more general).
The idea was to develop a more general document that could cover different aspects of the human subjects in experiments. 
I am enclosing the document for your information.
Thank you for initiating this discussion inside European Federation of Psychologists Association (EFPA)
 My best regards,    
Telmo Mourinho Baptista