EFPA EMC 9/2020 Survey on current use of online consultation technology by psychologists

19 Marzo 2020 EFPA,
The EFPA Project Group on eHealth has launched a survey which takes about 5 minutes to complete. It focuses on the current use of online  consultation technology by psychologists and other mental healthcare professionals in the context of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.
The aim is to obtain an overview of your current usage and your main questions and concerns for adequately using online consultation Questions and concerns will be grouped per country and - whenever possible, together with suggestions on our behalf - sent to your respective member associations, to support you in the adequate and timely informing of your members.
The questionnaire is currently only available in English, Dutch and Portuguese, but will soon be available in multiple languages, translated by colleagues from within the project group.
If anyone else wants to contribute (e.g. by sharing the link, helping to add a translation, checking which questions frequently arise (and whether we have any helpful answers), and - in the much longer term - analysing data from a more academic point of view, feel free to reach  out!
On behalf of the PG eHealth
Tom Vandaele (Convenor)