Si è svolto a Brighton dal 3 al 6 luglio il 18° congresso EFPA sul tema “Psychology: uniting communities for a more sustainable world“, con una ampia partecipazione anche di colleghi italiani.

Durante il congresso sono stati consegnati i premi a Giuseppe Riva (Aristotle Prize) e Francesca De Falco (migliore tesi di laurea). Entrambi sono stati invitati a presentare una relazione.

Nell’assemblea generale EFPA che è seguita al congresso Caterina Arcidiacono è stata eletta, con un consenso di quasi il 90% del delegati, nel Board dei Direttori (ex Comitato Esecutivo).


Il presidente EFPA Steinebach consegna l’Aristotle Prize a Giuseppe Riva
Caterina Arcidiacono durante la presentazione della candidatura

Sulle altre decisioni assunte in Assemblea un resoconto da parte del nuovo Board dei Direttori:


EFPA General Assembly of July 7-8, 2023 in Brighton (UK)

After EFPA’s first in-person General Assembly in four years, some information about important decisions taken by the European delegates.

  • The General Assembly accepted the withdrawal of the Portuguese Network of Psychologists (OPP/SNP) and confirmed the Ordem dos Psicologos Portugueses OPP being the new full member of Portugal.
  • The General Assembly accepted the European Association for Research and Adolescence EARA and the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology EAOHP as new Associate members.
  • The Activity Report 2021-2023 as well as the Activity Agenda 2023-2025 of the Executive Council have been accepted.
  • An impressive report on the Goals and Deliverables of EFPA’s working groups has been presented and accepted.
  • EuroPsy Regulations: among other changes, the GA accepted the revision and update of the EuroPsy education and training standards for the EuroPsy basic certificate.
  • The GA accepted the proposals of the S-EAC Sport Psychology: the establishment of a EuroPsy Specialist Certificate of Sport Psychology and ‘Sport Psychology’ being a field of practice.
  • The pilot of the S-EAC Clinical NeuroPsychology has been prolonged until July 2025.
  • The GA accepted the bid of the Serbian Psychological Society to host the ECP 2027 in Belgrade in July 2027.
  • The GA elected a new Board of Directors (former Executive Council): Ole Tunold as the new Vice President Governance, John Francis Leader, Robertas Povilaitis and Caterina Arcidiacono as new ‘Other directors’ to the Board of Directors.  
  • The GA said farewell to Director Koen Lowet (Belgium) and Director Eleni Karayianni (Cyprus), to Rosaleen McElvaney (EuroPsy EAC chair) and expressed its deep gratitude for their commitment and the work they delivered during their mandate.

Nearly 90 participants (delegates and observers/guests) took part in this event.

What to expect?

  • The new statutes will get into force from July 9, 2023 ( the new version will be updated on our website)
  • The call for (re)nominations to our several working groups (already launched in May) will be repeated in the next days.

Thanks to member associations, associate members, convenors and members of our EFPA working groups and international partner organizations for their support in the last two years.

The EFPA Board of Directors