De Vincenzi Psycholinguistics Postdoctoral Fellowships

The De Vincenzi Foundation announces a 1-year fellowship, $33,000 plus economy air fare, for Italian students to pursue post-doctoral study preferably in the US or in another country (Italy excluded), beginning September 1, 2010. The fellowship is for study and research in the area of grammatically-oriented psycholinguistics at an institution of the applicant's choice. Applications should be received by February 28, 2010 and it is expected that a decision will be announced by April 14, 2010.

Applications should be submitted electronically, in English, and should include:

1. CV, including evidence of competence in spoken English.
2. A four-page statement of purpose describing the proposed plan of study/research.
3. Papers, reports, Ph.D dissertation written in English or Italian by the candidate. If the dissertation was written in Italian, the candidate should provide a 12 page summary maximum (shorter encouraged) written in English.
4. The name and contact information for a sponsor at the University or research centre chosen, accompanied by a letter of agreement from the sponsor indicating the individual's willingness to serve as a sponsor if the fellowship is awarded.

Candidates should arrange for three referees to submit confidential letters of reference via email Please write in the subject line: F2010. In case the candidate does not hold the PhD at the deadline of submission of the application, the faculty advisor should send a statement of assurance that the PhD will be completed by July 31st, 2010.

Applications should be submitted to:  

Receipt of all submitted material will be acknowledged by email.

The De Vincenzi Foundation was established in the will of the late Italian psycholinguist Marica De Vincenzi for the support of young Italian scholars who intend to carry out research abroad in the domain of grammatically-oriented psycholinguistics preferably at US institutions (but other countries, except for Italy, are eligible) and preferably to do research on questions concerning sentence or discourse level processing.. The primary criteria used in evaluating fellowship applications are the impact on the applicant's career development and on psycholinguistics in Italy more broadly. Applications will be judged based on candidates' past record and future potential, the suitability of the host lab, and the feasibility and impact of the proposed research, including (where appropriate) plans for applying for postdoctoral funding beyond the initial fellowship year.

The scientific committee includes Lyn Frazier as president, Maria Teresa Guasti as vice- president, Janet Dean Fodor, Colin Phillips, Luigi Rizzi, and Sandro Zucchi. Head of the administrative board is Remo Job.