Open Letter of Support for Students Arrested at Bogazici University

15 Aprile 2018 psicologia sociale,
"Dear professors and friends,

I'm sharing the Letter of Support for BoÄŸaziçi University Students (Istanbul, Turkey), who were arrested last week because of political speech on war policies. The president of Turkey has called these students as terrorists, vowed to expel them from BoÄŸaziçi University, and to deny them the right to study at any other university. 

We have heard this kind of verbal attack from Erdoğan before and it was followed by the detention of thousands of academics, journalists, artists, and human rights advocates.

I hope you'd sign, share it with any colleagues who'd be interested or circulate in email groups that you're a member of. 

Here is the short url link to the open letter: 

If you have any problems submitting your information (all the way at the bottom of the page), feel free to write with your information and we will manually add your signature."

Anne Maass