The Quality at Work research network was formed in Pavia on the 16th of September 2016 during the National Congress of the Italian Association of Psychology (section Psychology for the Organizations). It came out as the result of the discussions brought about by some researchers and practitioners during the symposium “Assessing work-related stress at the university: which tools could be used in such a complex reality? Comparing practices and experiences”.  
Following the “European Framework Agreement on Work-Related Stress” (2004) according to which stress can potentially affect any worker in any kind of workplace, University was conceived as a potentially challenging context to study stress as long as its employees (technical-administrative staff and teacher-researcher) experience constant change. Basing on this assumption, the research group focused on the need to study individual differences in the perception of potential risk factors and to adopt a wider theoretical perspective enhancing the complexity of the factors (subjective, emotional, cognitive, etc.)  involved in the process of adjustment between person and organization. Some of the most recent models show that each occupation is featured by specific risk factors (Bakker & Demerouti, 2007; Demerouti et al., 2001; Schaufeli & Bakker, 2004) therefore stress could be assessed only adopting a multi-method approach. According to the Italian Legislative Decree n. 81/2008, Universities are required to assess work-related stress risks. Therefore, systematic investigations about organizational well-being are generally carried out (the so-called ANAC survey). During the symposium held in Pavia, the group shared the need to enlarge the debate about the tools and methodologies used in Italian Universities in order to encourage longitudinal comparisons between different contexts and to develop a common theoretical framework and a shared “toolkit” to assess work-related stress at the University.
  • to encourage intra and interdisciplinary scientific comparisons on the topic of the assessment of work-related stress risks and widely on organizational well-being in universities, both from a theoretical point of view (sharing theoretical perspectives) and from a methodological point of view (developing tools and research model aimed at validating standardized assessment protocols).
  • to encourage opportunities to discuss these perspectives, results, and methodologies with different kind of stakeholders (Inail, Civil Service, National Order of Psychologists, European Federation or Psychology Associations – EFPA, Occupational Physicians, etc.) in order to develop common guidelines and policies.
  • to organize thematic workshops and training sessions for researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders, useful to disseminate the theoretical and methodological developments brough about by the research group.
  • to enhance the results coming from the research group’s investigations to develop good practices, to point out guidelines, aimed at improving concrete suggestions for positive actions in HRM within Universities.
The research network has been promoted by a group of affiliated and ordinary members of the Italian Psychology Association (AIP) enrolled in different disciplinary sections and therefore coming from multiple scientific-disciplinary domains. Considering the interdisciplinary nature of the group which is an added value for the development of such a complex topic, colleagues from any AIP sections interested in the topic are warmly invited to join.
Below, the list of members currently active in the network:
  • Brondino Margherita, Pasini Margherita, University of Verona
  • Bruno Andreina, University of Genoa
  • Capone Vincenza, University of Naples Federico II
  • Carrus Giuseppe, Roma Tre University
  • Civilleri Alba, Franco Demarchi Trento Foundation
  • Chiara Consiglio, Roma La Sapienza University
  • Colombo Lara, Converso Daniela, Emanuel Federica, Loera Barbara, Viotti Sara, University of Turin
  • Cortini Michela, Guidetti Gloria, University of Chieti
  • De Carlo Nicola, Falco Alessandra, Girardi Damiano, University of Padua
  • Dell’Aversana Giuseppina, Miglioretti Massimo, Bicocca University Milan
  • Depolo Marco, Guglielmi Dina, Zambelli Agnese, University of Bologna
  • Fadda Salvatore, University of Sassari
  • Giancaspro Maria Luisa, Manuti Amelia, University of “A. Moro” Bari
  • Gilardi Silvia, University of Milan
  • Ingusci Emanuela, Signore Fulvio, University of Salento
  • Pace Francesco, University of Palermo
  • Platania Silvia, University of Catania
  • Ricci Federico, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  • Spagnoli Paola, University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”
  • Vignoli Michela, University of Trento
  • Zito Margherita, IULM Milan
The board currently in charge of the management encompasses: Margherita Brondino, Daniela Converso, Amelia Manuti, Francesco Pace and Paola Spagnoli. The coordinator of the Board is Emanuela Ingusci. The board will be in charge, in this composition, for six months (until 30 June 2021), eventually extendable to other six months.