Message from EFPA Board Educational Affairs Ioulia Papageorgi
Dear Colleagues
Dear psychology teacher,
in the current corona crisis situation we all have to modify our teaching methods.
This survey is provided by the Board of Educational Affairs of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) in cooperation with the European Federation of Psychology Teachers´ Associations (EFPTA) and the European Society for Psychology Learning and Teaching (ESPLAT).
We aim to collect the data about experiences of psychology teachers at different levels of education from different European countries with online/distance teaching of psychology. We believe that the results will help us to provide further guidance and examples of good practice to support psychology teachers.
Please share this link with any colleagues that are involved in teaching psychology.
Your participation is anonymous and voluntary. You have  the right to withdraw at any time. All information will remain confidential and any publication of the data resulting from the survey will be anonymous.
Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences and ideas. The preliminary results will be available on the EFPA and EFPTA websites in June 2020 and disseminated to EFPA Member Associations
Thank you very much for your response.
Best regards,
On behalf of the Board Educational Affairs
Ioulia Papageorgi
Convenor Board Educational Affairs
Lenka Sokolova
Member Board Educational Affairs and President of EFPTA