The University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, invites applications for a position of TENURE TRACK OR FULL PROFESSOR IN SOCIOCULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION (100%).
The candidate will contribute to research in sociocultural psychology and education. More specifically, the candidate should:

  • Work within a sociocultural approach in psychology;
  • Demonstrate an expertise in the domain of child development, in the context of pre/school education;
  • Manifest an interest for, and an ability to work collaboratively and in an interdisciplinary mode, notably within the MAPS (Center for the Understanding of Social Processes, and/or with the MA in speech and language therapy;
  • Develop a line of research both compatible with, and complementary to that of the Institute of psychology and education (;
  • The candidate is expected to teach at BA and MA level, in ex-cathedra classes as well as seminars, and to supervise empirical work at the level of BA, MA and PhD;
  • The candidate is expected to engage in dialogue with the society at large (Canton, other Swiss Institutions of Higher Education, etc.).

Requirements: The candidate should have a doctorate, three years of post-doctoral research experience, experience in university management, and have a high-level and diversified publication record, adapted to the level of the application.
The position is open to a non-French speaking candidate, who could temporarily teach in English, and who would be expected to master French in the two years following the beginning of employment.

Beginning of position: August 1st, 2024, or to be discussed.

Job specifics: The candidate will contribute to the activities of the Institute of Psychology and Education of the University of Neuchâtel as follows:

  • Teaching: four hours (PATT), or seven hours (FP) a week, at BA and MA level.
  • Supervision: of students’ work, including MA and PhD dissertation.
  • Research: the candidate will carry out her or his own research in sociocultural psychology; she or he will participate to the research activities of the Institute of psychology and education, to the MAPS, and be able to obtain research funding.
  • Administration: the candidate will participate in the administration of the Institute of psychology and education, of the MAPS, and of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Salary: legal.
Obligations: legal.
For more information, please see or contact Prof. Laure Kloetzer (

The application should clearly indicate the level of the application (PATT or FP), and should include: a) letter of motivation; b) curriculum vitae; c) publication list; d) copy of diploma (PhD and highest diploma before it); d) a document stating the scientific vision of the domain and activities that the applicant wishes to develop as tenure-track, resp. full professor; e) a list of referees with statement of their relation to the applicant.
Applications should be uploaded as one single pdf document on the website
(Ref. FLSH_IPE) by February the 15th 2024. Please do not send any publication at this stage.

The University of Neuchâtel is committed to promoting diversity among its staff and to offering non- discriminatory working conditions. It encourages applications from all countries, both European and non- European. You are also strongly advised to refer to the regulations governing the procedure for appointing professors, which can be accessed from the University’s Employment page as well as the University statutes available on this page