Aims and topics

Methodological challenges for human science research scientists grow day by day and ask them to grow their knowledge on this field. Multilevel studies are among the challenges. This course aims to develop participants’ skills in multilevel modelling using SPSS and Mplus. Participants will be able to design multilevel studies within the field of Work and Organizational Psychology, analyze multilevel data, and interpret the results obtained appropriately.

This is an in-person course will be also live-streamed online. Regarding teaching methods, it will combine instructor presentations and explanations, analysis of published studies, and practical exercises with real data.

The course will be open to national and international PhD students and Faculty members in need to improve their analytic skills in the area of multilevel analysis. It will be organized in two and a half days including 5 working sessions. Basic knowledge in multiple regression is required.

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4 - 6 September 2023

Classroom 11-ground floor, Baffi building, Faculty of Economics, Law and Political science, located in Street Sant'Ignazio, number 72, Cagliari

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