Aims and topics

  • The scientific community in the social sciences is increasingly recognising qualitative research methodologies as an essential and valuable component of rigorous and comprehensive research, as these methodologies provide a deeper understanding of complex social phenomena and offer unique insights into human behaviour and experiences. This is therefore reflected in the plans of the AIP Organizational and Social Psychology divisions, and a Summer School of Qualitative Data Analysis methods will be held in 2023. Indeed, both divisions value the importance of empowering our academic community with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct high-quality qualitative research that meets the standards of scientific inquiry and contributes to advancing our understanding of the social world.
  • This year’s AIP Summer School will focus on the ‘family of Thematic Analysis methods,’ which will be taught alongside the use of the NVivo computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software. The course will be divided into three half-day sessions, during which participants will receive instruction on the theoretical and methodological foundations of these approaches and have the opportunity to practice their application using both ‘pen and paper’ and the NVivo tools.


The first session will be dedicated to the Thematic Analysis approaches that are rooted in (post)positivist research and prioritise the establishment of coding and codebook reliability. In the second session, participants will learn about Braun and Clark’s approach to Thematic Analysis, which operates within the qualitative ‘Critical Realism’ paradigm and emphasises data-driven processes of coding and theme development. Both sessions will provide the theoretical underpinning, and the methodological guidance for applying the different approaches. Finally, during the third session, participants will have the opportunity to experience the different Thematic Analysis methods in action through the use of NVivo.

All sessions will feature hands-on practice and a highly interactive format.


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July 3-4 2023

Online Course

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